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Membership Benefits

W.I.S.E. members enjoy a variety of activities which enrich their understanding and enjoyment of family history research. Our monthly programs cover a wide range of British and Irish subjects of interest to family historians. Typical topics: the history and significance of tartans, members' research trips to Britain and Ireland, the influence of the Irish in Leadville, Websites for British Isles research, a musical program by a Welsh singer.

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Genealogy Friends

Perhaps the most striking benefit of membership is the social relationships which develop among fellow genealogists. We especially encourage active membership by those who are new to the genealogy community and wish to "get involved." We have learned that people who are just retiring from their working lives have a great deal of energy and experience that transfer beautifully to family history research and activities of our society.

We're a Bargain

W.I.S.E. membership costs $12 a year per person; $15 a year for a household. Inclusive in the membership fee is a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, W.I.S.E. Words. Each household receives an electronic copy of the newsletter each quarter by email. For an additional $5 a year, members can receive a paper copy via U.S. Mail.

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W.I.S.E. Board Members

There are three new W.I.S.E. Board members who have been appointed to fill vacated positions on the board, they are Sandy Breed (Membership Chair), Nyla Cartwright (WISE Words Newsletter Editor) and Bill Hughes (C.C.G.S. Representative).

Barb Price and Laurie Ramos were elected to the positions of president and treasurer respectively, at the W.I.S.E. Annual General Meeting on January 26, 2013.

Board Members

From left to right: Laurie Ramos, Sandy Breed, Barb Price, Nyla Cartwright, and Bill Hughes

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W.I.S.E. Members' Surnames of Interest (MSI)

Our members contribute to a database of surnames that they are either researching or have an interest in. So, if you have a surname of interest that you're researching and would like it included in the database, please submit your names according to the MSI Instruction Sheet. This offers an opportunity our members to compare family surname research efforts. You can view our current surname listings by selecting the "MSI Research List"  below.

Any member that has information or interest relating to another member's surname being searched, can contact that member and possibly collaborate, or at least commiserate, in their research. Even in such a relatively small family history society such as ours, two or more members can be working on the same surname, within or near the same locality of origin. So, the greater the number of names listed the greater the chance of finding a surname of mutual interest.

There are currently more than 600 surnames on the list, including spelling variations, multiple locations, and multiple dates. Don't just look at the list and think to yourself, "My names aren't there." Submit your names so that other members can identify names of mutual interest and be able to contact you.

When you find a surname on the list that is of interest to you, please contact Megan Koepsell by email, or at the next WISE membership meeting. She will be pleased to assist you in obtaining the contact information for the person researching the surname you're interested in.

WISE-FHS Members Please Note: The current MSI Research List Spreadsheet is also available on the Members Only page in versions that are sorted both by surname and MSI identification number. In addition, a Members' Contact List is posted that provides the key to access the contact information for members who have submitted their research surnames for inclusion the MSI Research List Spreadsheet.

MSI Documents

The MSI Submittal Form is provided in both PDF and MS Word formats. The MS Word version is an electronic fillable form that you can complete on your computer and email according to the MSI Instruction Sheet.

To download a document select  and click on the appropriate image below:


Surnames List - PNG
MSI Research List
Spreadsheet (11/15/2014)


Instruction Sheeet - PNG
MSI Instruction Sheet

MS Word Icon PNG

Surname Fillable Form - PNG
  MSI Submittal Form


Surnames Hardcopy Form - PNG
  MSI Submittal Form


Chapman Code 9pt - PNG
Chapman Code 9pt


Chapman Code 12pt -PNG
Chapman Code 12pt

If you are interested in specific information concerning a county or shire, select the following URL link to access the Chapman Code page on the website:

URL LinkChapman Code -

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Our Newsletter

Updated: 10/29/2013

Our quarterly W.I.S.E. Words newsletter features original articles -- some scholarly, others more like feature stories -- about members' family history, and research discoveries, book reviews, research resources in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, plus notes about cultural events in the Denver area.

The W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis thanks mainly to the efforts of its editor, Nyla Cartwright.  Members are encouraged to submit articles, long or short, for inclusion in the newsletter.

Current Issue. . .

The current issue of the W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter is not available for download until after the next quarterly newsletter has been released for publication. To view the "In This Issue" contents list in our current W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter, click on the image of the cover page below:

WISE Newsletter - PNG Image

Current Issue:
Volume 16, Number 2 (2nd Quarter, 2015)

Previous Issues. . .

With the exception of the current issue of the W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter, previously published issues are available for download below in PDF format. Select the desired newsletter by clicking on the appropriate cover page image:

WISE Words Newsletter 11/1
WISE Words Newsletter 11/2
WISE Words Newsletter 11/3
WISE Words Newsletter 11/4
Volume 12, Number 1
(1st Quarter, 2011)

Volume 12, Number 2
(2nd Quarter, 2011)

Volume 12, Nimber 3
(3rd Quarter, 2011)

Volume 12, Number 4
(4th Quarter, 2011)

WISE Words Newsletter 12/1
WISE Words Newsletter 12/2
WISE Words Newsletter 12/3
WISE Words Newsletter 12/4
Volume 13, Number 1
(1st Quarter, 2012

Volume 13, Number 2
(2nd Quarter, 2012)

Volume 13, Number 3
(3rd Quarter, 2012)

Volume 13, Number 4
(4th Quarter, 2012)

WISE Words Newsletter 13/1
WISE Words Newsletter 13/2
WISE Words Newsletter 13/3
WISE Words Newsletter 13/4
Volume 14, Number 1
(1st Quarter, 2013)

Volume 14, Number 2
(2nd Quarter, 2013)

Volume 14, Number 3
(3rd Quarter, 2013)

Volume 14, Number 4
(4th Quarter, 2013)
WISE Words 15/1
WISE Words 15/2
WISE Words 15/3
WISE Words 15/4
Volume 15, Number 1
(1st Quarter, 2014)
Volume 15. Number 2
(2nd Quarter, 2014)
Volume 15. Number 3
(3rd Quarter, 2014)
Volume 15. Number 4
(4th Quarter, 2014)
WISE Words 1/16

Volume 16, Number 1
(1st Quarter, 2015)

Our Points of Pride

We consider our monthly programs and our W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter the principal products and responsibilities of our society. These are the ways we serve our members as well as the wider genealogy community. We take pride in the originality, energy and resourcefulness that go into each.

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Call for Volunteers

W.I.S.E. is looking for volunteers to fill the following position(s). We will provide training and guidance. Current and pending vacancies are:

  1. We need Country Leads for Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. They will be charged with advocating for their countries, staying on top of genealogical resources, making sure members’ concerns are being met, and providing research help, etc. Skills required: organizational ability, creative thinking and sociability. Contact Barb Price.
  2. We need a Technical Research Editor. The position is expected to write articles for the WISE Words Newsletter, Skills needed: writing and online research capabilities. Contact Barb Price.

Here is your chance to get involved and contribute the benefits of your skills and talents to W.I.S.E. Contact Barb Price if you have questions.

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Become a Member

Print and fill out our membership form and then mail it to us or bring it with you to a meeting.


W.I.S.E FHS - Membership Form

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W.I.S.E. Memorabilia

The following items are available from our president, Barb Price:
WISE Lapel Pin - PNG Image

W.I.S.E. Lapel Pin
- A very attractive embossed enamel lapel pin, bearing the W.I.S.E logo, is available to help preserve a lasting memory of your affiliation with the W.I.S.E. Family History Society.

WISE Book Bag - PNG Image

W.I.S.E. Book Bag
- This very handy canvas book bag, printed with the W.I.S.E. logo, is available for those of you who need another set of hands, or just need a place to put more "stuff."


W.I.S.E. Family History Society,
Denver, Colorado
Since 1983

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