2017 Past Programs

Annual General Meeting

Breakout Session: Meet Our Country Cousins – Part Two

Following our annual general meeting we broke into discussion groups representing each country in the British Isles. It provided our members with the opportunity to get to know other members doing research in their country(s) of interest. Based on input from attendees at our “Meet our Country Cousins- Part One” breakout session in January 2016, we added a discussion group dealing with “17th Century Studies.”

A Non-Parental Event

Speaker: Dorothy Coltrin

Dorothy discussed how Y-chromosome DNA as well as in-depth paper research are used to tie children to a father of a different surname. Dorothy serves as a group administrator of surname project at FTDNA, is a member of BGS, WISE-FHS, NEHGS and New Hampshire Historical Society. She has a MS in nutritional biology and taught for 30 years at a community college.

Geography of Great Britain

Speaker: James Jeffrey

James is a Genealogy Collection Specialist at Denver Public Library and has a vast knowledge of genealogy and of Great Britain.

Emigration out of the British isles: Pushing and Pulling

Speaker: Carol Darrow

Emigration is the process of leaving one’s country of residence to live elsewhere. There is a push/pull effect – reasons why someone would feel the need to leave their homeland and reasons that would attract emigrants to a particular new home.

Immigration to America started as early as 1608 with 100-200 people a year, and by 1900 reached a flood of one million immigrants per year from countries around the world. Ship travel by sail or steam could be harrowing and new arrivals in America found settling into a new country could be a daunting task.

Carol Darrow, CG, described the various forces that pushed people out of their comfort zone of home to sail off to a new uncharted country, and the pulling force that drew people to the American continent. Carol has been a nationally certified genealogist since 2005, past president of the Colorado Genealogical Society and currently volunteers on Tuesdays at DPL and on Thursdays at the National Archives-Denver Branch in Broomfield.

Finding Old Maps on the Internet

Speaker: Ted Bainbridge, Ph.D.

Ted has been a genealogical researcher, teacher, consultant, speaker, and writer since 1969. He has served as president of the Longmont Genealogical Society.

Finding old maps on the Internet… The possibilities are almost unlimited.Deciding what kind of map you want. How to find old and modern maps on the internet for free. Ted provided examples of real research questions, what kinds of maps were hunted, how they were found, and how those maps helped answer those questions.

Annual Field Trip

Visit to the Molly Brown House Museum

Our annual field trip this year was a visit to the Molly Brown House, which is located at 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Denver. It was was the home of Margaret Tobin Brown, activist and philanthropist, whose life and passion are told through education programs and exhibits. She once said, “I am a daughter of adventure.”

Intermediate and Advanced Genealogy Research

Speaker: Larry Dodge

10:00 am to Noon:WISE-FHS members, and their guests, were invited to attend a class on “basic” research techniques and resources to prepare for Larry Dodge’s lecture on intermediate and advanced topics.

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm: Larry Dodge’s lecture on Intermediate and Advanced Genealogy Research.

Irish Genealogy – Free Pre-Seminar 

David E. Rencher, Chief Genealogical Officer for family Search

Dr. James Walsh, The Leadville Irish Remembered; Karyl Klein, Searching through Sacramental Records in Archdiocese of Denver; and, David Rencher, Irish research on Family Search.

Seminar: Irish Genealogy

Speaker: David E. Rencher, AG, CG, Chief Genealogical Officer for Family Search

Seminar Topics

  • Irish Church Records – Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Catholic
  • Applied Methodology for IrishGenealogical Collections
  • From Ulster to Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas
  • Methodology for Irish Immigration and Emigration

Linguistic Tools for Your Brick Wall Demolition Kit

Speaker: Sylvia Tracy-Doolos

Sylvia introduced attendees to linguistic tips, tricks and resources that can help them find their most elusive ancestors. Brick walls can sometimes be an obstacle that has more to do with language than anything else. They learned how the language of our ancestors, as well as the language of the areas they lived in, could affect the results we find.