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The Popular Website Twile is Now Free – Twile is a popular UK-based interactive timeline website that genealogists can use to trace everything that has happened to their ancestors.  The company has just announced that the product will now be free to all users.  They have also added some new features to the product, such as a family infographic. [Go there now…]

Crowd Source Your Record Indexing – Are you a small genealogy society or an individual with ancestral records that you would like to index?  Need help? A new genealogy website called Crowd Sourced Indexing has launched in beta.  It provides a web platform to help societies and people index their records.  You can even crowd source the transcription process. Pretty impressive. [Crowd Sourced Indexing]

Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2016 – This is GenealogyInTime Magazines fifth annual ranking of the top 100 most popular genealogy websites from around the world. Since we started compiling this list five years ago, it has become the gold standard for ranking genealogy websites. [Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2016] [/su_box]

WISE-FHS Christmas Holiday Social

Program: Jill Maxwell – History of the Dance… With Bells On!

Time and Location: 1:30 p.m., 7th Floor Training Room, Central Denver Public Library

Jill Maxwell is a renaissance woman of many pursuits. In addition to Morris Dancing, she is interested in culture and history, public art, music and travel. She has traveled to many places including China, Japan, Africa, Germany, Mexico and all over the US. She is always intrigued by meeting new people and learning new things. She finds Morris dancing to be a great way to meet people and teach them about a little known cultural form of expression!

You may have heard (or even said) “I’ll be there with bells on.” The origin of this saying isn’t certain but those of us in the Morris community think it is about us! Morris dancing has a long tradition dating back to at least the 1400s! Come learn more about this somewhat obscure, but still widely practiced dance form. We’ll explore the origins, traditions and present-day happenings of Morris communities in the U.S. and beyond.

This is also our holiday celebration so please bring a treat reminiscent of our British Isles or Irish ancestry. Don’t worry yourself if it’s not homemade, a doofer will suffice, if it reminds ye of your ancestors!

Select the link below to download a PDF copy of the program flyer.

Jill Maxwell flyer – The History of the Dance – With Bells On!

October 2017 – Program

Emigration from Northern European Ports

John W. Mears

Time and Location: 1:30 p.m., 7th Floor Training Room, Central Denver Public Library

John Mears’ presentation will focus on the major ports for emigration in Northern Europe including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England and some Scandinavian ports. He will discuss research strategies for finding emigration records in the country of origin, in the ports and in the United States.

Select the link below to download a PDF copy of the program flyer.


 Mears, John – Emigration from European Ports

October 2017 – Annual Research Trip

Family History Library – Salt lake City

October 8-15, 2017

Our annual WISE-FHS Research Trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City (SLC), will be held the week of October 8-15, 2017. The trip will be open to anyone who wishes to visit the world’s greatest genealogy library and work without interruption using online sources, microfilms and books.

For more information and to download the trip registration form, go to our Meetings, Activities and Events page.


September 2017 – Program

Cracking the DNA Code: DNA Testing Myth and Reality

Greg Liverman, Ph.D.

Time: 1:30 p.m., 7th Floor Training Room, Central Denver Public Library

The use of DNA testing in genealogy, or genetic genealogy, is a rapidly evolving field. In this presentation Greg will answer the questions:

  • How can DNA testing be useful to the genealogist?
  • How can results be interpreted?
  • What are the limits to what genetic genealogy can realistically do for the average researcher?
  • How to understand the basic science and terminology of DNA testing?
  • What are the DNA tests, which companies perform them and which ones are useful to genealogists?

Select the link below download a PDF copy of the program flyer.


Liverman, Greg – Cracking the Code