Members’ Surnames of Interest (MSI)

Our members contribute to a database of surnames that they are either researching or have an interest in. So, if you have a surname of interest that you’re researching and would like it included in the database, please submit your names according to the MSI Instruction Sheet. This offers an opportunity our members to compare family surname research efforts. You can view our current surname listings by selecting the “MSI Research List” below.

Any member that has information or interest relating to another member’s surname being searched, can contact that member and possibly collaborate, or at least commiserate, in their research. Even in such a relatively small family history society such as ours, two or more members can be working on the same surname, within or near the same locality of origin. So, the greater the number of names listed the greater the chance of finding a surname of mutual interest.

There are currently more than 600 surnames on the list, including spelling variations, multiple locations, and multiple dates. Don’t just look at the list and think to yourself, “My names aren’t there!” Submit your names so that other members can identify names of mutual interest and be able to contact you.

When you find a surname on the list that is of interest to you, please contact our MSI Committee Chair by email, or at the next W.I.S.E. membership meeting. She will be pleased to assist you in obtaining the contact information for the person researching the surname you’re interested in.

Members Please Note

An MSI Contact List for the exclusive use of our members is posted on the Members Only page, which provides the numerical key to access the contact information for those members that have submitted their research surnames for inclusion the MSI Research List Spreadsheet.

MSI Documents

The MSI Submittal Form is provided in PDF, MS Word and MS Excel formats. The MS Word version is an electronic fillable form that you can complete on your computer. The MS Excel version, which is the preferred format, can also be completed on your computer. Complete either format according to the MSI Instruction Sheet and email to MSI Committee Chair

msi submittal form msi submittal Form

MS Word Document – Fillable

PDF Document

msi submittal form msi Instruction sheet

MS Excel Spreadsheet

PDF Document

chapman code 9pt chapman code 12pt

PDF Document

PDF Document