We consider the W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter, our Member’s Surnames of Interest database and our monthly meetings/programs, to be the principal products and services we offer to the members of our society. These are the ways we serve our members as well as the wider family history/genealogy community. We take pride in the originality, energy and resourcefulness that go into each.

W.I.S.E. Family History Society (WISE-FHS) members enjoy a variety of activities which enrich their understanding and enjoyment of family history research. Our monthly programs cover a wide range of British and Irish subjects of interest to family historians. Typical topics are: the history and significance of tartans, members’ research trips to Britain and Ireland, the influence of the Irish in Leadville, websites for British Isles research, a musical program by a Welsh singer.

Perhaps the most striking benefit of membership is the social relationships that develop among fellow genealogists. We especially encourage active membership by those who are new to the family history/genealogy community and wish to “get involved.” We have learned that people who are just retiring from their working lives have a great deal of energy and experience that is well suited to participating in family history/genealogy research and the monthly indoor/outdoor activities of our society.

We’re a Bargain

Our annual membership dues are very reasonable:

  • $12 – per person; or,
  • $15 – for two or more persons in a single household.

Our annual membership dues for new members, who join after on or after July 1st., are reduced to an amount equal to one half years dues. Inclusive in the membership is a subscription to our quarterly W.I.S.E. Words Newsletter, which is delivered to each household as an electronic copy by email each quarter.

For an additional annual fee of $5, members can elect to receive a printed copy of our newsletter through the U.S. Mail.

Member Signup

Are you afraid of change? If you’re not, then you can take a leap of faith and go to our Member Signup submenu item in the Membership menu, or via the link in the sidebar, to sign up for access to create or update your personal record in our membership directory. In the not too distant future, it’s anticipated that it will replace the existing W.I.S.E. Membership Roster maintained on the Members Only page, so set the example and sign up now!

Becoming a Member

Membership Application Form PNG

Membership Application Form 

Membership Application: To become a new member, you will need to complete our Membership Application and mail it to us together with the amount of your dues and, if appropriate, the newsletter mailing fee. Or, you can bring it with you to a scheduled membership meeting. Select the document image to download a PDF copy of the form.

Membership Renewal: If you just want to renew an existing membership, and you are a member in good standing, you can complete and submit the Membership Renewal Form provided below. Payment of your dues, including, the newsletter delivery fee if appropriate, can be made via the U.S. Mail, or in person at a monthly membership meeting. When you make your payment, please include a copy of the email you received to acknowledge the submission of your renewal notice. Regardless of whether you choose to mail, or hand deliver your payment, please remit it at your earliest convenience. It would be appreciated if that was no later than 30 days following the submission of your notice of renewal. 

Membership Renewal Form