President’s Message

allan_image_jpegWelcome to the WISE-FHS Website. We are dedicated to understanding the history and culture of the British Isles – Wales, Ireland (including Northern Ireland), Scotland and England, combined with a heavy dollop of genealogy. We value the significant contributions those comparatively small countries have made to America, and take special pleasure in seeing how our ancestors were involved in the relentless tide of history in both the British Isles and America.

We are based in Denver, Colorado, and our membership extends over several states as well as to the British Isles. We conduct at least ten monthly program meetings each year, mixing education with presentations about our ancestral customs. Our other major events are our annual seminar on some phase of British Isles genealogy and a research trip each year to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Many more activities are listed in these pages

We consider our monthly programs and ourW.I.S.E. WordsNewsletterto be the principal products and responsibilities of our society. These demonstrate the ways we serve our members as well as the wider family history/genealogy community. We take pride in the thoughtfulness, originality, enthusiasm and resourcefulness that go into each.

We are friendly and high-spirited, and welcome everyone with an interest in family history, genealogy and ancestry in the British Isles.

Allan Turner, President